Uncertainty of Measurement Course in UAE


We provide a bespoke range of training solutions to improve business performance. Our courses are designed and conducted by our expert post doctorates, scientists and highly reputed professional from the industry. Our reference material is easy to use and participants receive a certificate of attendance on completion.

Microbiology Hands on Training Course

This course provides the foundation for understanding food microbiology in the laboratory. Delivered in a classroom and laboratory environment, the course sessions incorporate a practical mixture of theory, demonstration and hands-on activities.

Course Contents:

  • General and Food Microbiology, Environmental monitoring and Sampling, Good Laboratory Practices
  • Fundamental Laboratory Techniques, Enumeration and Pathogen Test Methods and Result Interpretation.

ISO/IEC 17025: Awareness & Internal Audit Training Course – Based on ISO 17025: Standard

URS Testing Laboratory organises a 5 day internal auditor training and awareness program based on the ISO 17025 standard which focuses on giving delegates the knowledge and skills to understand the standard requirements and plan effective implementation for a laboratory quality management system.

  • Understand the history, philosophy, concepts and benefits of Lab QMS
  • Understand compliance requirement about management and technical requirements of the standard
  • Understand implementation methodology of successful accreditation

Uncertainty of Measurement Course

This training course is intended for professionals who perform or manage critical measurement/calibration tasks and who need to evaluate the measurement uncertainties associated with their measurement results.

The course is based on the internationally accepted method given in the ISO/TS 19036 Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement:

  • Understanding the concepts of method validation, UOM, ILC etc.
  • Statistical tools for uncertainty evaluation, identifying and assessing measurement input quantities
  • Using Excel to formulate an uncertainty budget
  • Combining standard uncertainties, reporting the measurement uncertainty
  • Working examples and exercises on uncertainty evaluation
  • Tuition will consist of classroom work, exercises and practical sessions

All our training courses are deployed through Accelerated Learning Techniques using:

  • Classroom interaction
  • Individual/Group exercises
  • Practical exercises in laboratory environment