Calibration Services in UAE

Calibration Services

URS Testing Laboratory delivers various standards, products, and services to address various instrument calibration that are reliable, accurate and traceable. It relies on its experienced personnel with scientific backgrounds and methodologies.

Our goal is to fulfill our customer requirements with satisfaction by providing them the highest level of integrity of services and delivery of commitment on a timely manner.

Through our in-house and onsite services using national and international standards, we are giving confidence to our clients that their equipments are taking accurate measurements and can stand up to any inspection and auditing process.

The laboratory has state-of-the-art calibration equipment, reference standard and staffed by experienced and competent personnel.

The laboratory provides calibration services for instruments and equipment in the field of temperature, mass, dimensional, torque and gas detection.

Calibration Services:

Temperature Calibration – Temperature Indicators, temperature controllers, gauges, Infrared thermometers, Freezers, Chillers, ovens, thermo-couples etc.

Mass Calibration – Precision weights, Test Weights, Digital and Analog weighing scales, Analytical and precision balances etc.

Gas Detection – Gas detectors, analyzers. Multi-gas detectors etc.

Dimensional Calibration – Digital & Analog Vernier Caliper, Micrometers, dial indicators, measuring tape, steel rule, Hi-Lo gauge, height gauge, granite surface tables, sieves, feeler gauge, bevel protractors etc.

Torque Calibration – Torque Wrenches, Torque meters, Torque Screw drivers etc.

General Equipment