There is no better way to boost your customer’s confidence in your products and services than through valid world-recognized ISO quality assurance certifications. For example, in the food industry, complying with HACCP standards can lead to your business gaining a competitive advantage in the market and opening new export opportunities.

An ISO Accredited Laboratory in Dubai helps companies that design new and existing products and services to meet international standards and qualify for ISO certifications hence proving that their focus is on offering quality and total customer satisfaction.

Most businesses wonder if it’s worth the cost and trouble of getting ISO and other certifications for your business. And URS Lab runs tests on products and services that are rated good and reliable laboratory testing that ensures clear operational benefits, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement with quality standards.

Benefits of laboratory testing and calibration practices

Promotes the best practices

Laboratory tests give you access to meeting international quality management to environmental performance, risk management, food safety, and health standards. The best testing and calibration laboratory in UAE ensures you get reliable results that give you an insight on how and where to improve your product or service.

Helps your employees become more productive

Training of employees on better practices enables them to adhere to standards that require you to define, document, and monitor your business operations. The trained staff helps your organization meet set objectives for the company and be able to measure progress. This is to work critically to build a lean and productive business.

Enroll your employees today for an ISO 17025 training course in UAE as they learn from industry experts. Also, they learn definite skills such as auditing, gain your business world recognition, and improve the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in your products and services.

Keep customers happy

Quality products and services keep customers satisfied. They like to feel your business improves complaint management, quality control, and client satisfaction monitoring. Outright customers support brands that work to reduce errors and complaints. You want more clients but they can’t keep them satisfied and that results in more unhappy clients.

For example, the finest calibration services in UAE unveil the hidden costs and risks associated with un-calibrated measuring devices that could be much higher than the cost of calibration. Measuring instruments that are calibrated regularly reduces the extra costs that customers could face from the errors. Making adjustments to suit them makes them feel that you care.

Improves your revenue

Companies that make a sustainable effort to improve their operations get the best performance results. Therefore, during the development of new foods products, testing is mandatory to get a clear understanding of how the product will perform and comply with its label.

The best food products testing in UAE is crucial to a food manufacturer’s overall success. The ingredients of each product are documented in any facility, implications may arise during manufacturing and they have to be accounted for to ensure the best and most accurate details about the attributes of the product that affect its performance.

Open doors to new markets

Standards give your business access to new markets such as being eligible for government contracts that require adherence to certain standards. Or even being able to join the supply chain of a larger company or megaproject. Build a brand that has products or services that are recognized for the quality standards and increase your credibility.

For example, products that undergo Halal product testing in UAE and receive a certification stay afloat in the food supply chain and automatically make an appearance in shops, markets, and stores for consumer consumption.

Fosters team commitment

Meeting quality, health, and safety standards can help your business foster a more engaged productive workforce. It is easier to get better job satisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, employee motivation, and manager-employee communication.

Improved company performance and even hopes of getting an ISO certification by meeting quality standards brings together managers and employees to develop more commitment to improving businesses. That is done by completing resourceful testing and calibration processes such as the water testing in UAE.


Businesses have to abide by the set requirements in terms of quality, safety and health standards. Especially new products require testing and calibration for them to meet the requirements. Contact URS Lab today for professional and reliable testing and calibration services.


Why are laboratory testing practices important?

Today’s market is competitive, and customers have more choices than ever. Specialized standards verified by reliable testing can make your business gain a competitive advantage by providing your customers healthy, safe, and quality products and services.

How do I become certified?

The very first process of getting certified is ensuring your products are of quality standards. Prove to customers that your product is good to improve your credibility and increase customer satisfaction. From there it is easy to develop and register a specialized standard company that qualifies for certification.