Water is life but most times we overlook the fact that water is finite and invaluable. We have become used to water and it is one of the major ingredients of most production processes at homes and in industries. People have become ignorant to the fact that water doesn’t come out of anywhere. It requires knowledge, experience, and expertise to make water safe to drink and use. And we all know how vital water is to us.

Water testing is often an overlooked process that is critical for our safety and health. It includes water analysis, site analysis and environment conditions to determine the water quality.


To understand the risks of untested water, EIAC accredited laboratory in UAE educates you on the type of contaminants present in toxic water and their effects on human health and the environment.

  1. Biological contaminants

They are harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and parasites.

  1. Chemical contaminants

These are artificial and natural elements and compounds that may affect living things. Examples are chlorine, salts, bleach, nitrogen etc.

  1. Physical contaminants

Substances that negatively affect the physical properties of water. For example sand, dirt or heavy metal particulates.

  1. Radiological contaminants

All elements with unstable nuclei can negatively affect the physical and chemical framework of our bodies on a cellular level. Such as uranium and plutonium. It emanates from radioactivity.

Some effects of untested water used for the industry may not be severe but at most times there could be serious health complications or even death. The worst scenario is some symptoms of infection may not be noticeable for years.

The most common symptoms of contaminated water consumption are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps. Severe conditions may be gastrointestinal problems, waterborne diseases such as typhoid, salmonella, dysentery, hepatitis  A, meningitis, etc and they can be fatal if not medically treated.

Industries contaminated water can clog pipes and machines cause them to malfunction or break or contaminate the final products. Untested water negatively affects the quality and safety of raw materials and products that a business uses or manufacturers. Unacceptable levels of toxicity are a catastrophe result that could be avoided with water testing.


If you consider the severe consequences of using untested water, you’ll realize that water testing is paramount for human and environmental safety.

Site analysis

Water testing involves analyzing the source of the water, where it comes from and where it gets its water.

Environment analysis

Water testing expounds on the surroundings of the water source, the weather conditions, the accessibility of the water source and quality testing.

The most effective and safest way of choosing a water testing method is calling an expert. It is a science that URS, an ISO accredited laboratory in Dubai, has scientists who are professionals in calculating all the possibilities. The commercial and financial perks of hiring experts that conduct water testing offer comprehensive water analysis and monitoring services.

Laboratories that offer services in environmental testing in Dubai monitor the environmental conditions to keep track of the hydrological cycle at a given location, thus taking a step towards identifying future possible problems with the water and the source. An accredited testing company has professional laboratories where extensive water testing, data analysis and reporting takes place.


Although not much has changed with water testing, sampling and laboratory analysis in the past few years, there has been a significant advancement in precision, sensitivity, and consistency.

Consequently, data analysis and monitoring of environmental conditions constitute the water testing processes. Now, laboratory scientists who offer water testing services in the UAE have been able to identify emerging water contaminants that were not previously noticeable. For effective water chemical testing, industries and people have to stay updated with new and upcoming technology to increase public safety

Early testing with high tech helps business owners to determine the positive and negative effects of their industrial activities. This saves them money, boosts efficiency and improves the quality of raw materials and the final products. Water testing helps them to protect water sources that will be most useful and valuable now, tomorrow and in the future.

The new changes in technologies affects water treatment also. Currently, scientists have developed more effective ways in their testing laboratories in Dubai that have the ability to obtain potable water from contaminated sources. In the assistance of technologies such as high pressure and two-stage membrane filtration, Euglena biofiltration, ultraviolet irradiation, photo catalytic water purification etc.

Businesses owners are following suit of technology trends for they are cheap and more efficient in purifying water for consumption. Everyday, the importance of sustainability and ecology becomes a daily question, and it’s only logical that businesses ensure the safety of the most valuable resource – water. In the long run, responsible management of water sources and partaking in early water testing in Dubai, prevents casualties, financial loss and boosts the reputation of businesses that exert effort in ensuring consumption of safe water.